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Employment law for executives and managing directors

Our Products

We advise executives & managing directors on German employment law

  • Always with structure in defined packages
  • and at a fixed price (if requested)

In all packages, a personal guide with valuable background knowledge on employment law in Germany is already included in the price.

You want to "understand the game" in German employment law, you want to know which steps are coming up next, when your lawyer will get in touch again, when you have to provide us with documents and information. For this, we offer you structures in the consultation.

Advice on German employment law for executives & managing directors costs good money. You are also willing to invest this because it is your employment relationship, an essential asset, that is at stake. But you expect not to buy a pig in a poke. Why do most lawyers not quote prices on their website? Why can't you plan the costs? We offer fixed prices in employment law for executives & directors - unlike most competitors.

Review of your employment contract/service agreement

Advice on termination agreement

Defense against dismissal

Assistance with a hearing by the employer

Other matters