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Employment law medium-sized businesses
Your challenge

Are you looking for experienced and reliable consultants for employers in the field of employment or labour law in Munich?

Our offere
We are the employment and labour law experts for your company and you as an entrepreneur.
  • Current conflicts in employment law:
    We support you primarily out of court and try to avoid legal disputes. We strive for pragmatic and quick solutions. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to go to court, either to preserve your position or for compliance reasons.
  • Strategic advice on employment law:
    Especially outside of specific projects, you determine your employment law strategy for future topics. Our clients appreciate us as a "sparring partner" for the exchange of ideas in this ongoing consultation. We support your company if you wish to purchase specialist knowledge or support your legal department ("legal outsourcing").
  • Training in employment law:
    We offer your company tried and tested in-house training courses on various employment and labour law topics (e.g. crash course in labour law, conclusion and termination of employment contracts, variable remuneration systems and bonuses).
Our service

We avoid lengthy memos, but provide pragmatic and tailor-made advice in digital meetings, by e-mail and telephone. We are open to your request for innovative billing methods.

Benefit from our experience in employment law, which we have gained in recent years, particularly in the following areas:

  • Collective disputes - from the classic strike and industrial action law to modern interventions by trade unions, works councils or employee groups
  • Ways out of corporate co-determination, including through the involvement of a European Company (SE)
  • Shaping co-determination at company level - from exemption and cost problems to the optimisation of the company structure
  • Change of operation, reconciliation of interests and social plan
  • Support for conciliation bodies
  • Reorganisation of reporting lines
  • Optimization of external personnel deployment
  • Flexibilisation of working conditions
    • Development and implementation of new remuneration structures
    • Implementation of new working time models
    • Limitation of working conditions
    • Reservations of revocation and voluntary status