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Employment law for executives and managing directors

Why us?

You, of course, take professional advice and many years of experience in employment law for granted. In most cases, you will only part with your employer once in your life; from this point on, you want to have the feeling that you are being advised by absolute professionals.

In addition, our services for executives and managing directors are characterized by

  • We offer clear structure; you know what to expect
  • We speak plain language and not legalese
  • Consulting exclusively by experienced partners
  • You will receive a detailed guide with background knowledge
  • We know the mindset of the employer side because we do > 70% employer consulting
  • No cost traps due to fixed prices
  • Short term dates available
  • Consulting "digital first" saves your time
  • Completely digital processes
  • Work also "after hours" and "on weekends" if necessary
  • Short-term availability, fast response rate, no front office