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Employment law for executives and managing directors in Germany

We advise managing directors and executives throughout Germany on employment law. We do not advise in mass business, but focus on "high-end" advice in employment law for executives and managing directors. You have come to the right place if you earn more than EUR 120,000 gross per year or are seeking payments/settlements of more than EUR 50,000 gross.

We will be happy to advise you on all of your German employent law matters:

  • Do you have questions about employment law for executive / senior managers?
  • You have been terminated as a senior manager? You are worried about the termination of your employment contract as a senior manager?
  • Conversely, you are planning to "escape from your service contract"? You want to resign from your position as managing director, but are worried about the consequences for your employment contract?
  • Worried about losing your Stock Option Program entitlements as a Bad Leaver?
  • Do you want to secure payments from your long-term incentive (LTI/LTIP)?
  • Are you afraid of the agreed post-contractual non-competition clause?
  • Have you been accused of (sexually) harassing female colleagues? Or are there compliance allegations?
  • You are being heard as part of an internal investigation and are expected to give your opinion?

Special challenges in employment law for executives and senior managers

Most of our clients have a once-in-a-lifetime employment law concern. It is about nothing more and nothing less than your career, your reputation and in some extreme cases even your economic existence. We think: trust in real specialists in such special situations.

Employment law for executives in Germany is special. Unlike with "ordinary employees", the mandate begins with a determination of objectives and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. How important is the issue of time for you? When do you think you want to start a new job? Do you have enough financial and emotional reserves? Who is at greater risk of reputational damage - you or the employer? How do your subordinate employees feel about your departure? Does your employer have time constraints, for example because he does not need a conflict with you due to an ongoing restructuring or integration? Who is actually the right person to negotiate with.

The employment contract of executives also often includes special clauses that you need to be aware of. Is your post-contractual non-competition clause really effective, ineffective or even just non-binding? How well documented are target agreement and target measurement for variable compensation (short-term incentive)? Are you one of the few genuine senior executives who only have limited protection against dismissal under Section 14 (2) of the German Unfair Dismissal Act (KSchG)?

We offer:

  • Class instead of mass. We advise only a few, but selected mandates.
  • Consulting in German employment law at a fixed price (if requested, subject to statutory law)
  • Consulting in German employment law with clear structure and transparency
  • a personal guide that accompanies you in the upcoming negotiations
  • exclusive specialization in employment law
  • Availability at short notice; full focus on your mandate

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