Time recording in law firms

Your expert:
Dr. Stephan Vielmeier

The challenge
Are you concerned about the effects of the obligation to record working hours on your law firm?

Many law firms pretend that the Working Hours Act does not apply to them. The phenomenon is probably known throughout the industry. It affects not only international corporate law firms, but especially small and medium-sized businesses.

As a result of the ECJ ruling C-55/18 on the obligation to record working hours, infringements of maximum working hours, but above all of rest periods, will become apparent in future. For compliance reasons alone, no law firm can accept permanent violations of the law on working hours.

Our offer for you

We have tried and tested concepts with which the working time risk in law firms can be significantly reduced.
In particular, this involves the question of what "work" actually is. We would be pleased to advise your law firm regarding risks arising from an impending recording of working hours.

Dr. Stephan Vielmeier gave a detailed interview on the consequences of working time recording for law firms to the industry magazine JUVE, which will be published in the April issue 2020.
We will be happy to send you the documents on request; a short e-mail will suffice.