Access to the private life of employees

Your expert:
Dr. Stephan Vielmeier

The challenge
As an employer, do you want to reward your employees if they behave sustainably or healthily also in their free time? Are you concerned that such an "access into private life" could be inadmissible?

Especially due to the advancing digitalization, the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming blurred. More and more employers want to make sure that employees behave in an agreeable manner outside of their actual work performance.
Some employers want to promote climate-friendly behaviour (by veggie day in the canteen, additional leave when employees give up air travel or priority parking for e-cars); other employers want to reward employees who engage in sports and health-promoting behaviour in their free time.
However, many employers shy away from such modern incentives, especially because there is still little case law on the specific limits.

Our offer for you

In our experience, employers would be able to go much further than they do today. We are happy to support you as an employer in exploring the possibilities and limits of such "access" to the private behaviour of your employees.

Dr. Stephan Vielmeier gave a lecture on this topic to the Munich Bar Association on 18.02.2020.
We will be happy to send you the documents on request; a short e-mail is sufficient.