Employment law


Your Concern:
Are you worried about a termination of your employment contract as an executive in Munich? Your cooperation with your superior is disrupted or strained? Conversely, you are planning to "escape from your employment contract"? Are you worried that as a bad leaver you will lose your entitlements from a Stock Option Program?
Our Offer:
  • Severance pay for executives:
    Have you received a termination letter? You want to receive a severance payment? In Germany, such a severance payment is only available by way of an amicable settlement, not by court decision. Together we analyse the risks of a possible legal dispute - because these are essential factors for the negotiation of a severance payment. We represent you in and out of court.
Our Service:

We know that sometimes the working day does not finish at 6 p.m. or the weekend does not start on Friday evening. We are at your side at short notice and reliably when it is necessary. With us, you will not end up with the secretary or with a "First Year Associate".
We avoid lengthy memos but provide pragmatic and tailor-made advice in a digital meeting, by e-mail and telephone.